Certified Handbook FY2021-2022

Certified Teacher Salary Schedule FY2021-2022

                Emergency Leave Request Form

Leave Request Form **Please Note** Your sub MUST have payroll information on file at the Cooperative Office in order to be paid.  If there are questions, have them contact Kim Bergan at (785) 594-2737 ext. 202 to verify records.

                Info Letter- Start of School To Do List

End Of Year Checkout Form- Certified Staff

                Extended School Year (ESY) Information

                              Extended School Year (ESY) Student Referral Checklist

                               Extended School Year (ESY) Student Referral – Due to Dan Wray before Spring Break

                               Extended School Year (ESY) Para Application – Due to Dan Wray by Feb. 25th

                               Extended School Year (ESY) Teacher App – Due to Dan Wray by Feb. 25th

Kansas School Safety Hotline Information

Mileage Form

(ECKCE) Mileage Chart

Negotiated Agreement

Obtain Authorization To Operate A District Vehicle- This is done at your home school.  Please see staff there.

Professional Leave Request

Requisition Form

Sick Leave Pool Information