Certified Handbook FY2021-2022

Certified Teacher Salary Schedule FY2021-2022

                Emergency Leave Request Form

Leave Request Form **Please Note** Your sub MUST have payroll information on file at the Cooperative Office in order to be paid.  If there are questions, have them contact Kim Bergan at (785) 594-2737 ext. 202 to verify records.

                Info Letter- Start of School To Do List

End Of Year Checkout Form- Certified Staff

                Extended School Year (ESY) Information

Extended School Year (ESY) Student Referral Checklist

Extended School Year (ESY) Student Referral Due March 

Extended School Year (ESY) Para Application Due February 

Extended School Year (ESY) Teacher App  Due February 

Kansas School Safety Hotline Information

Mileage Form

(ECKCE) Mileage Chart

Negotiated Agreement

Obtain Authorization To Operate A District Vehicle- This is done at your home school.  Please see staff there.

Professional Leave Request

Requisition Form

Sick Leave Pool Information